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        The manifold actions of signaling peptides on subcellular dynamics of a receptor specify stomatal cell fate

        第一作者Xingyun Qi


        通訊作者Keiko U Torii


        背景回顧Receptor endocytosis is important for signal activation, transduction, and deactivation.

        提出問題However, how a receptor interprets conflicting signals to adjust cellular output is not clearly understood.

        主要研究Using genetic, cell biological, and pharmacological approaches, we report here that ERECTA-LIKE1 (ERL1), the major receptor restricting plant stomatal differentiation, undergoes dynamic subcellular behaviors in response to different EPIDERMAL PATTERNING FACTOR (EPF) peptides.

        結果-1:Activation of ERL1 by EPF1 induces rapid ERL1 internalization via multivesicular bodies/late endosomes to vacuolar degradation, whereas ERL1 constitutively internalizes in the absence of EPF1.

        結果-2The co-receptor, TOO MANY MOUTHS is essential for ERL1 internalization induced by EPF1 but not by EPFL6.

        結果-3The peptide antagonist, Stomagen, triggers retention of ERL1 in the endoplasmic reticulum, likely coupled with reduced endocytosis.

        結果-4In contrast, the dominant-negative ERL1 remained dysfunctional in ligand-induced subcellular trafficking.

        結論:Our study elucidates that multiple related yet unique peptides specify cell fate by deploying the differential subcellular dynamics of a single receptor.

         摘  要 

        受體內吞對于信號激活、轉導和失活都非常重要。但是,目前尚不清楚一個受體如何響應沖突的信號來調整細胞層面的輸出。通過遺傳學、細胞生物學以及藥理學的方法,作者在本文中報道了一個限制植物氣孔分化的主要調控受體ERECTA-LIKE1,即ERL1在響應于不同的表皮模式因子EPF多肽時會經歷不同的亞細胞動態表現。雖然在不存在EPF1時,ERL1會被組成型的內化,但是EPF1引起的ERL1激活會通過多囊泡體(multivesicular bodies)或晚期核內體(late endosomes誘導快速的ERL1內化,到液泡降解。共受體TOO MANY MOUTHS對于由EPF1引起的ERL1內化是必須的,但是不影響由EPFL6引起的ERL1內化。多肽拮抗劑Stomagen所導致的ERL1截留在內質網中很有可能與內吞作用的減少有關。相反,ERL1的顯性負性突變會導致配體誘導的亞細胞運輸出現功能失調。本文的研究顯示,多個相關而又獨特的多肽會通過影響單個受體的不同亞細胞動態來指定細胞命運。


        **Keiko U Torii**



        doi: 10.7554/eLife.58097

        Journal: eLife

        Published date: Augus 14, 2020


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        下一篇:Molecular Plant:苯丙烷衍生物對于維管植物的孢粉合成是必需的


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